DZYS and CE were bugging me to get myself a tumblr and DZYS even commented that my wordpress is looking more and more like a tumblr,

so there you go,


i have not decided yet if i’ll move over there completely so yup, you can still keep a lookout for updates of my life here. 🙂


BlackBerry Uploads #6

V is for Viennetta.


will be away for holiday with my parents. 🙂

BlackBerry Uploads #5

Old Town Javanese Mee makes me DROOL!

and Dessy says it’s open by Mark Lee, 李国煌.


BlackBerry Uploads #4

men’s BB cream bought from kimchi land by SC for me! 🙂

spotted at marina. for YOG.

my favourite sport!

virgin try at GONG CHA – earl grey milk tea with 3J

激浪青春 Breaking the Waves

starring 陳喬恩 & 黃曉明.

finally a movie on canoeing and dragonboat. the storyline looks interesting also.

i hope singapore theatres will screen this movie.

can’t wait to watch it!!